“Every session I have with Sam, I leave feeling ready1795469_686217048103048_1209492694_o to take on a whole universe of new endeavors. I feel stronger, wiser, more confident and totally comfortable with what ever it is I am trying to achieve in my life. He has an incredible talent for bringing you to the edge of your own monumental discoveries while instilling in you the confidence to fly over the mountains of your achievements! Sam has played a GIGANTIC part in my career and life in general as my coach and I cannot recommend him highly enough! He is worth his weight in gold!”



Kate Atkinson, Perth Australia

510acd_b06d98ba55324f4b98058f5cde4021b0“Sam seemed to dematerialize the barriers that I thought were actual barriers and helped reveal that the only thing stopping me from overcoming them were the false pretenses and fear-based conclusions that I think many of us are subjectively be effected by. I’m used to being on show on stage and screen but with improved self worth thanks to Sam, I took that exciting yet scary leap into vulnerability by really putting me – as a unique marketable individual– directly out there and started facilitating creativity workshops for youth which is now breaking a whole new ground for meSam will lead you to your own innate knowledge to help you reach new ground – new dimensions – in all facets of your existence.”

Ben Werheim, Perth Australia