Photo: Club President, Holly Davis & Samuel Osborne @ Rotary Club of Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles

“Thank you for the fabulous presentation you gave to the Rotary club of Pacific Palisades today.  Your talk was outstanding and definitely held everyone’s attention. Many thanks for speaking to our club. Hope to have you back again.”


Nancy Cleveland, Program Chair, Rotary Club of Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.


“Samuel, my personal appreciation and thanks on behalf of the Rotary Club of Greater Van Nuys, California for your presentation. Your Steps for Success talk was both clear, informative, and professional. I enjoyed your personalization of the topic. Also, I am impressed that the entire audience was actively listening to your message. I wish all our speakers were as captivating and engaging as you were. Much appreciated.”

S. Marc Tapper, Rotarian and Programs Co-chair Greater Van Nuys Rotary Club, California