5 reasons why declaring who you are and why you care is important.


You begin to develop a sustaining personal strength, value, self-worth and confidence not based on external circumstances, but from an internal source within yourself. These internal qualities cultivate and bring forth something mysterious within a person. Call it whatever you want, divinity, Self, spirit, character, the unconscious, the x-factor, mojo, or the mystery of being human, it seems to have its own intelligence and can speak to you in thought, emotion, dreams and imagination.

Once recognised within you, you will wonder why you never saw it before. Carl Jung writes in Man and His Symbols  how our dreams can give us an experience of an incorruptible internal value originating from our unconscious. I will talk more about the usefulness of recording our dreams in this book because dreams and the drawing of them has given me incredible value while uncovering my real message. Drawing my dreams has enriched my business identity, my character and the confidence to speak my real message.


Declaring yourself begins to develop a strong sense of identity and a higher purpose for life, not based on something external, such as an experience of life, or the inspiration of a mentor, a philosophy or even a religious creed, but from within you. A personal resolve to be who you want to be, informed and directed from internal inspiration, imagination and intuition.

Dr. Ruldolf Steiner in his Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and It’s Attainment, emphasises the importance of simple human endeavour, patience and will power to bring about a strengthening of these qualities or as he calls them, soul forces and non-physical organs of perception; the eyes and ears for the spiritual dimension of life.

Steiner claims that initially, not much can be observed from the outside regarding what a person is like, however after a period of inner work, the results begin to show in a steady re-generation and vitality of one’s entire life. This inner work begins by declaring who you are and what you care about, by making a personal resolve to complete an important deed.


Declaring who you are and why you care makes you stand out from the crowd, and as a business strategy, it is often said that you need to differentiate from your competitors. Declaring who you are is something only you can do; no one else is you, no one else can claim or imitate that uniqueness. In Sell Your Thoughts, Matt Church, Peter Cook and Scott Stein define a message of a Thought Leader to be relevant, thorough, elegant and unique.


Declaring what you care about is the same too; no one will be able to formulate your unique understanding of what matters to you, how you see things or your personal touch. The inner activity mentioned above produces unique expressions of creativity, that is the nature of a human and every little and big thing in the entire universe, nothing is really the same. After a period of inner work, a person will develop their unique identity and uncovers their real message. This contributes to the success of attracting a niche target audience who resonate with you and not someone else. Sometimes in life, like attracts like.


Walking your talk, declaring yourself and what you care about positions you as a credible, trustworthy expert. People will say, there goes that guy or gal who knows who they are and stands for something important. That kind of reputation cannot be bought or downloaded, it takes unplugged personal down-time, and open and honest self-examination.

People gravitate towards people who can stand up in a crowd and speak with heart, with resolve and conviction about who they are and what they are all about. We enter a room of people and, by some invisible force we can be captivated by the charisma of someone’s personality only to find out, that the secret to their charisma is in being a grounded individual, with incredible value to share and a knowing who they are on a deep level. Become one of those people.



This is an excerpt from the second chapter of my forth-coming book, Pack a Bigger Punch: 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.


Samuel D. Osborne
Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker & Author

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