Why is discovering the wisdom of your stories important?

Discovering the wisdom of your stories uncovers not one but several universal human interests and messages for you to choose from. You have many stories and experiences from your life and you only need a handful to craft a great presentation. You may be at the beginning of your Entrepreneurial and Speaker business journey and, like it was for me, you could be thinking, ‘well, I could choose from many messages, but which one do I pick?’

You could also be experiencing a significant amount of, ‘I haven’t got a clue what my message is.’ In this case, discovering the wisdom of your stories will foster a mental state through which you will recognise the theme of your life. You can channel this wisdom and stories into a business venture with a real message.  quite creatively. Having several messages and stories is a good thing because you can be on stage, then something happens, someone makes a comment in a workshop, etc, and you think to yourself, ‘I know a story that fits this part of my delivery,’ and you can draw on it to help support the point you are making.

Discovering the wisdom of your stories and the messages within will create a deeper connection with your target audience. It’s not a new idea; people have been telling stories around the fire for as long as anyone can remember. To preserve history, to instruct the next generation, to guide a society with morals and manners, stories were the method for transferring the information. The Dreamtime of the Indigenous Australians is fascinating. These people have a mythological perspective on life and with particularly relationship to the land in which they live. The land has stories of wisdom that have sustained their culture and way of life for perhaps 150,000 years. The indigenous people I have met in my life have always been incredible story tellers, actors and performers; they draw their energies of the cosmos into their cultural manifestations. Stories are an excellent means for conveying wisdom and a message. Imagine you could discover such wisdom and message within your own personal stories and channel them into your entrepreneurial endeavours. There is great value in discovering the myth that runs your life because you will have a better handle on how to share the message contained within.

Excerpt from Pack a Bigger Punch, 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message by Samuel D. Osborne. Launch date Aug 21st, 2017.




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