Why is discovering the wisdom of your stories important?

Discovering the wisdom of your stories uncovers not one but several universal human interests and messages for you to choose from. You have many stories and experiences from your life and you only need a handful to craft a great presentation. You may be at the beginning of your Entrepreneurial and Speaker business journey and, like it was for me, you could be thinking, ‘well, I could choose from many messages, but which one do I pick?’

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5 reasons why declaring who you are and why you care is important.


You begin to develop a sustaining personal strength, value, self-worth and confidence not based on external circumstances, but from an internal source within yourself. These internal qualities cultivate and bring forth something mysterious within a person. Call it whatever you want, divinity, Self, spirit, character, the unconscious, the x-factor, mojo, or the mystery of being human, it seems to have its own intelligence and can speak to you in thought, emotion, dreams and imagination.

Once recognised within you, you will wonder why you never saw it before. Carl Jung writes in Man and His Symbols  how our dreams can give us an experience of an incorruptible internal value originating from our unconscious. I will talk more about the usefulness of recording our dreams in this book because dreams and the drawing of them has given me incredible value while uncovering my real message. Drawing my dreams has enriched my business identity, my character and the confidence to speak my real message.


Declaring yourself begins to develop a strong sense of identity and a higher purpose for life, not based on something external, such as an experience of life, or the inspiration of a mentor, a philosophy or even a religious creed, but from within you. A personal resolve to be who you want to be, informed and directed from internal inspiration, imagination and intuition.

Dr. Ruldolf Steiner in his Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and It’s Attainment, emphasises the importance of simple human endeavour, patience and will power to bring about a strengthening of these qualities or as he calls them, soul forces and non-physical organs of perception; the eyes and ears for the spiritual dimension of life.

Steiner claims that initially, not much can be observed from the outside regarding what a person is like, however after a period of inner work, the results begin to show in a steady re-generation and vitality of one’s entire life. This inner work begins by declaring who you are and what you care about, by making a personal resolve to complete an important deed.


Declaring who you are and why you care makes you stand out from the crowd, and as a business strategy, it is often said that you need to differentiate from your competitors. Declaring who you are is something only you can do; no one else is you, no one else can claim or imitate that uniqueness. In Sell Your Thoughts, Matt Church, Peter Cook and Scott Stein define a message of a Thought Leader to be relevant, thorough, elegant and unique.


Declaring what you care about is the same too; no one will be able to formulate your unique understanding of what matters to you, how you see things or your personal touch. The inner activity mentioned above produces unique expressions of creativity, that is the nature of a human and every little and big thing in the entire universe, nothing is really the same. After a period of inner work, a person will develop their unique identity and uncovers their real message. This contributes to the success of attracting a niche target audience who resonate with you and not someone else. Sometimes in life, like attracts like.


Walking your talk, declaring yourself and what you care about positions you as a credible, trustworthy expert. People will say, there goes that guy or gal who knows who they are and stands for something important. That kind of reputation cannot be bought or downloaded, it takes unplugged personal down-time, and open and honest self-examination.

People gravitate towards people who can stand up in a crowd and speak with heart, with resolve and conviction about who they are and what they are all about. We enter a room of people and, by some invisible force we can be captivated by the charisma of someone’s personality only to find out, that the secret to their charisma is in being a grounded individual, with incredible value to share and a knowing who they are on a deep level. Become one of those people.



This is an excerpt from the second chapter of my forth-coming book, Pack a Bigger Punch: 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.


Samuel D. Osborne
Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker & Author

Order your pre-release copy of “Pack a Bigger Punch” for $25.95 USD + shipping before Aug 21st and receive a BONUS gift of a 20 minute “Uncover Your Real Message’ Mentoring Session with the Author. You will walk away with greater clarity around your real message and your end goal as a speaker and entrepreneur.

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How to write a one page business plan.

An overview of my new book!

Do you want to have a powerful effect over your audience?

Meet Samuel D. Osborne.

Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker and Author.

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He shows Entrepreneurs and Speakers how to uncover their real message.

Sam’s 2nd book is due for release August 21st, 2017.

His first book was a science fiction novel, “The Parashield” (2004) a novel about a boy who is born with a psychic energy shield and how he comes to grips with it and avoids the bad guys who want to use him.

This new book is called, “Pack a Bigger Punch, 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.”

Its written with the Entrepreneur and Speaker in mind.

The 7 steps are:

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.33.13 PM.png

  1. Start with the sound of one thousand hands clapping: my way of saying ‘begin with the end in mind.’
  2. Declare who you are and why you care.
  3. Discover the wisdom in your stories.
  4. Unleash your natural message mojo.
  5. Align with your target audience and their specific problem
  6. Test your real message in the real world.
  7. Evolve the magic in your message.

Uncovering your real message is like a quest for the Holy Grail. You have to enter the dark forest alone right where you find yourself to be. You must seek that which only you can find within.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.32.25 PM.png

The central idea of the book is, “You have a real message within.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.37.48 PM.png

Ultimately, the book is about how to make your message pack a bigger punch for your audience.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.38.37 PM.png

Case Study # 1 – Joseph Campbell.

Here is a modern day scholar who couldn’t go to college or get a job, so he created his own study program. He read for 8 hours a day for 5 years in a row. He focused on comparative mythology and found the world’s myths all had something in common: The Hero’s Journey. Campbell saw his own life through the mythological perspective as a way to achieve a meaningful life. He came up with the message, ‘follow your bliss.’ He realised each of us has two options in modern life, either we can get a boring old job and work out later what a waste that was, or we can follow our bliss and do what truly brings us joy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.40.04 PM.png

Case Study # 2 – Carl Jung

Jung had thousands of patients, some were neurotic, some were psychotic. He explored what it was that made a personality whole and balanced. His research into dreams and the unconscious mind lead him to realise that well-adjusted people could benefit from studying their own dreams and inner world. He developed the idea of synchronicity (meaningful coincidences for the person or people involved in an event, or a ‘falling together in time’). He realised our personalities go through a process of ‘individuation’ to achieve self-realization, a wholeness of personality, the awareness of an inner incorruptible value, all which lead to a richer, happier and more meaningful life.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.46.11 PM.png

Case Study # 3 – Rudolf Steiner

At age 40, Steiner was at the height of his academic career and was highly respected in Europe, especially for his work on Goethe’s natural science. Then he resigns from this career to develop and educate people regarding ‘spiritual science.’ Steiner explored the relationship between the spiritual and physical aspects of life, proposing that the two are unified and human spirituality and physicality are equally connected, accessible and contain a vast potential for human growth.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.52.15 PM.png

What connects these three masters is how they went looking for a great treasure within and then shared it with the world. They each left us with powerful wisdom, advice and messages so that we can find our own treasure and share it too.

My own story.

In 2015, I departed my home city in Perth, Western Australia and headed across the Nullabor Plain (an Indigenous Australian word for: place of no tree). With only my car, a tent and some personal belongings, I set off to find my gift, my boon and follow my bliss. I had the intention of living overseas, where exactly, I was not yet sure. Joseph Campbell writes, travelling to a foreign country is like passing over the threshold between the ordinary world into the world of enchantment, where the hero faces his or her Ordeal, has the chance to become transformed and receive a powerful gift.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 4.56.43 PM.png

After a mere 10 months living in Melbourne, Australia, I had met the love of my life and she found work in Los Angeles, and so I went with her. Again with even less personal possessions and a growing richness and meaning for my life.


The book and my real message.

Now living in L.A. for the last 8 months, I have realised my message. Therefore, I have written this book which contains my formula for uncovering your real message. It is based on a decade of my own research, trial and error, and the wisdom of people I admire. It is with a humble heart and mind that I propose that, “you have a real message within” and you can pack a bigger punch.


The Book Launch Party!

On August 21st, 2017, I will host a book launch party in North Hollywood. Tickets are available for $30. This gets you a copy of the book, networking and drinks. It would be a absolute pleasure to have you attend. Pre-release copies can be bought at my website too. As a gift to those who do buy during the pre-release phase, I am offering a 20 minute “Uncover Your Real Message” Mentoring Session for free (Value: $97).



What if I can’t work out what my end goal is? What if nothing inspires me? Excerpt from my new book!

What if I can’t work out what my end goal is? What if nothing inspires me? 

Firstly, I really doubt you would be reading this book if nothing inspired you. Anyway, relax, working out your end goal can take some time for most people. It took me years and this book is what I believe will fast track you. It’s quite common, unfortunately, that millions and millions of people simply do not know what they want in life. Many are completely unaware of what moves them and who they truly are. Many feel they do not have the privilege to even consider a better life. This is where the traditional myths of the world can be of great value to a person. Read the myths of your own culture and allow them to activate your creative imagination and begin to fill your internal cup with a little bit of good old inspiration.

Myths are what have guided people for millennia, whether in the form of shamanic wisdom, religious beliefs, and scientific theories for example. Myths inform us how to live, they guide us regarding what is important and what we as individuals ought to do with our lives. If you cannot envision your end goal, sit down quietly and just be with yourself for a while until you become aware of something that gets you up on your feet with enthusiasm and focus like never before. I know the sitting part sounds very boring, but there is a lot to be said for sitting quietly and waiting for inspired enthusiasm, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it several times. Failing that, go a library or bookstore and ‘browse.’

Many people these days cannot, even if you paid them, sit quietly by themselves and just be at peace with their thoughts, their body and their feelings. I have days when I cannot do it too. It’s a bit of a chore. However, I have had enough experience to know that it is so worth the ‘stopping’ and putting everything out of your hands for a little while.

When you have sat there for a while I recommend writing a page or so in a journal regarding what you would do if you were an all-powerful god and why you believe it is important to you. Not because I want to encourage god personalities, but because I want you to make believe that you are. If you do not want to think you are god, try imagining a genie in a bottle has given you endless wishes. Write about what upsets you about the world too and what you think could be done to fix it. Write about your practical solution to a range of world problems. Be philosophical. Ask yourself questions and answer them. Have a conversation with yourself.

In addition to this, take what Carl Jung recommended and ‘find your myth.’ Find the story and theme of your life that speaks to you on a profound level. Books on world mythology are a great starting place. Find a tradition you feel an affinity with and read the stories. When you find a character with whom you can identify, consider and compare your life with that of the themes within the myth, what the hero goes through, must overcome and what was important for the hero to achieve on their journey.

This is an excerpt from the first chapter of my forth-coming book, Pack a Bigger Punch: 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.


Samuel D. Osborne
Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker & Author

Order your pre-release copy of “Pack a Bigger Punch” for $25.95 USD + shipping before Aug 21st and receive a BONUS gift of a 20 minute “Uncover Your Real Message’ Mentoring Session with the Author. You will walk away with greater clarity around your real message and your end goal as a speaker and entrepreneur.

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Book Launch Party Aug 21st North Hollywood, California

What do the experts say about starting with the end in mind? Excerpt from my new book.

The central idea of this step is to start with the end in mind, your goal achieved, what life looks like, sounds like once you are where you want to be… or if you are a Speaker and Entrepreneur… the sound of thousands of people applauding you loudly for your speech and your real message.

What do the experts say about starting with the end in mind?

There are dozens of very popular books that cover goal setting and the psychology of achieving goals. Dr. Stephen R. Covey has done a lot for bringing our attention to the importance of beginning with the end in mind in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, as an activity of the imagination. When backed up with a personal mission statement, the effectiveness of a person’s whole effort is increased.

In Chapter 11 of Think and Grow Rich, ‘The Secret of Sex Transmutation’, Hill says that love, sex and romance are the ultimate forces for directing the will. We know when two people share love, sex and romance that a wonderful relationship is found. When we channel these strong emotions into our business and goals, success and happiness is usually found too.

When a person who is in love, has intimate sex with their partner, and feels romantic love for their partner, they are able to let these feelings radiate into other areas of their life too, in this case, into the process of uncovering your real message, the healthy growth of your business and ultimately, more value for your audience.

As in the The Laws of Success, by Napoleon Hill, the first chapter is about the importance of having a chief definite aim. Hill says, without this, a person will wander aimlessly in their attempt to achieve success. So, get clear on the aim of your message before actually trying to articulate your message. Whether you state your aim in a sentence or a paragraph or a single word, make sure you have a definite chief aim for it. Know specifically what it is you are aiming for so your creative juices have something to work from. What is the specific aim of your message? What is your personal mission statement or chief definite aim?

Wayne Dyer has talked in a similar way about starting with the end in mind too, in his book and HBO show, Wishes Fulfilled. Although he does not use these words, he says it like this: ‘assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.’ Dyer also refers to the book of poems called, The Tao De Ching, probably the most referred to Chinese book of philosophy ever published.

Gary De Rodriguez also talks about it in his Mastery of Language audio program, and references Neville Goddard too. What is the feeling of delivering and living your real message? Can you see yourself doing this? Do you expect that you have what it takes to bring it about and make it a fact of life?

The magical thing about Taoism (pronounced Daoism), when combined with starting with the end in mind is like this: the Tao philosophy is about letting go of the world, to let go of trying to reach for and hold onto something permanently. It’s about ‘not forcing’ things too much or at all, but allowing the natural way of life to run it’s path, even when you have a goal in mind.


This is an excerpt from the first chapter of my forth-coming book, Pack a Bigger Punch: 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.


Samuel D. Osborne
Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker & Author

Order your pre-release copy of “Pack a Bigger Punch” for $25.95 USD + shipping before Aug 21st and receive a BONUS gift of a 20 minute “Uncover Your Real Message’ Mentoring Session with the Author. You will walk away with greater clarity around your real message and your end goal as a speaker and entrepreneur.

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What if you had a powerful message within?

The reasons why Entrepreneurs and Speakers should start with the sound of one thousand hands clapping. Part 2.

You have a real message within. Deep within. Uncovering it causes energized enthusiasm to run through your veins as it were, and out into everything upon which you focus. This approach emphasises how this is done using our speech and imagination. The first step of seven is to start with the sound of a thousand hands clapping. That is, a mental vision of your goal as a Speaker and Entrepreneur and sound of your audience applauding loudly! Your vision with it’s own original motion picture sound track. It’s a way of beginning with the end in mind.

An ‘end in mind goal’ builds a kind of inner confidence and appreciation for the worthwhileness of your goal too. If you spend some time carefully choosing your goal, it will hopefully dawn on you to choose something important to you, in the spirit of ‘your life’s work.’ You will also begin to experience, as a result of a clear goal, lots of little break-throughs and achievements more often, simply because you build a kind of psychological and daily life momentum of getting stuff done. When you start to see these real results, you will want to keep doing it.

You can put your mental state into a virtuous circle of sorts that spirals upwards and outwards (as opposed to a vicious circle that spirals down and into an ever deepening hole of despair and tears). The more positive actions you take, the better you get at taking them, and the more you want to keep it up.  A virtuous circle by default improves your happiness, productivity and motivation. It sends ripples out into the world that you mean business and people notice this unconsciously and consciously.

Starting with the end in mind opens a part of the mind that makes directing thoughts easier because you become more and more aware of what is useful and what is not in regards to achieving your end goal. I guess it’s a matter of awareness of, ‘will this waste my time or is it a good use my time?’ You can even get to the point where you realise you can start modifying and inventing ways of thinking and ‘thinking filters’ with which you can experiment and see the world in a variety of new ways.

The purpose of which is to search for resource rich states of mind, such as creative genius, high self-regard, empathy or the state in which you are at your entrepreneurial best. I suspect there is no end to the amount of states of mind we can discover, experience and use to our benefit.

Starting with the end in mind is much like tuning into a radio station that plays great music all the time. In fact, considering what I just said about having many states of mind available to us, I would much rather say the mind is like Spotify, in that we can choose from a whole range of great music stations to boost our mood. It also learns what we like and suggests other states of mind that we enjoy and find resourceful. I recall that there is already something like it called Muse Headband which detects your brainwaves, such as when you are relaxed, and can generate those same brain waves when you begin to stress.

Getting back to the radio / Spotify metaphor; fortunately you are also able to control the volume of your state of mind too. Find the state of mind you like (or end goal) and turn up the volume for maximum effect. Such as standing near the sub woofers at a trance festival. Your own voice instructions and self-talk are effective means for controlling your own mind, so you might as well experiment and see what suits you most. Create a compelling sound track.


This is an excerpt from the first chapter of my forth-coming book, Pack a Bigger Punch: 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.


Samuel D. Osborne
Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker & Author

Order your pre-release copy of “Pack a Bigger Punch” for $25.95 USD + shipping before Aug 21st and receive a BONUS gift of a 20 minute “Uncover Your Real Message’ Mentoring Session with the Author. You will walk away with greater clarity around your real message and your end goal.

Book Launch Party Aug 21st Noho, California 


Sam interviews Professor William Ferraiolo about the wonderful philosophy of Stoicism. {Soundcloud – audio}

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The reasons why Entrepreneurs and Speakers should start with the sound of one thousand hands clapping. Part 1.

I loved listening to Alan Watts audio recordings while I was studying at University. He talked about Zen Buddhism in such an entertaining manner. The Zen Tales were the best with their quirky take on life and how to go with the flow a little better. It was through exaggeration that the best stories imparted wisdom to the listener, such as ‘what is the sound of one hand clapping.’

What is starting with the sound of one thousand hands clapping?

If you want to speak a message that raises your audience’s energy and adds great value to their lives, I encourage you to imagine the sound of your ideal audience applauding your finished speech. Close your eyes, visualise if you want to, and listen for the sound of an audience that is truly moved by your message…

[Excerpt from my forth-coming book, “Pack a Bigger Punch: 7 Steps to Uncover Your Real Message.”]

Why should Entrepreneurs and Speakers start with the sound of one thousand hands clapping?

The sound of applause is the measure of your message well delivered. If however, you want to start with the sound of a thousand people going totally bananas over your speech, don’t let anyone stop you. The sound of applause means that our message has given value and meaning to an audience. Most goal-achievement theories say to visualise and feel the goal you want to achieve, other theories say to use all the modalities (the five senses) to construct the mental experience of your goal achieved to make it seem as ‘physically’ real as possible.

The mystical traditions of the world, plus recent theories of brain science say, whatever we focus on, increases. David Lynch said in a talk about the brain and consciousness, that what we know about consciousness is that the more we focus on it, the more it grows. This goes for anything upon which we choose to focus. Whatever we appreciate and love grows too. If you focus on an appealing end goal and the ultimate purpose of your real message as a Speaker and Entrepreneur, you will move towards it.

Your real message will become clearer to you in time as a result of focusing on what impact it will create for your audience, rather than focusing on the message itself. This is reverse engineering your real message; work out what you want your business to be like at its height of success and approach the uncovering of your real message from another frame of mind.

If incision means ‘to cut into’, decision means ‘to cut away from’. Deciding on the end goal has the effect of cutting away the distractions and less important things on your way to achieving your end goal. Simply, the more time doing things that contribute towards you goal equals the less time it takes to get there.

If you focus on and appreciate a specific end goal or vision, you tune in and become aware of more opportunities and avenues that you had not thought about. Your way of looking at life simply adjusts and becomes more efficient in every way. You begin to see a richer environment with resources previously out of you attention simply because, if you are not looking for something, you won’t see it; if you are, you might see it and other useful things too.

Having an end goal in mind somehow increases self-awareness and a better awareness of your surroundings. It will cause you to feel increasingly comfortable to take business risks. I believe this is so because once you have a meaningful and compelling end goal, you feel a kind of self-imposed obligation and duty to achieve it, especially when it is connected to assisting another person or a cause beyond yourself: more on this soon.

Samuel D. Osborne
Australian Researcher, Educator, Speaker & Author


Order your pre-release copy of “Pack a Bigger Punch” for $25.95 USD + shipping before Aug 21st and receive a BONUS gift of a 20 minute “Uncover Your Real Message’ Mentoring Session with the Author. You will walk away with greater clarity around your real message and your end goal.


EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE! 12 weeks until my new book is launched!


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Why does drawing your dreams help you discover your value?

The short no hype answer: self-awareness equals awareness of self-value.

A longer explanation. 

Quite simply, draw what you dream at night in a blank sketch book.

Why does drawing your dreams help you discover your value?

Well, it has for me been a way to discover and cultivate my gift, raise the courage to share it with the world and go to sleep at night happy.

It helps because it’s a great way to remember your dreams. By at least trying to draw my dreams, I found it made me remember to remember my dreams, talk about them with my wife when we wake up and after a while it got a lot easier. In fact, I can now interpret my dreams when I realise I’m dreaming. You can too, it will happen in time, there’s no need to force it. It just happens after a while when you enjoy and value your dreams by recording and talking about them.

Drawing my dreams also my version of an enjoyable mindfulness practice: Lyra coloured pencils, a sketch book from Ralphs (USA) or IGA (Australia) and my secret weapon, my Mac Book Pro converted into a light table for tracing silouettes of images off google images. Amazingly, a Mac Book, laptop of any kind turns into a light table simply by putting the screen flat on your desk, screen facing up, placing blank paper over the screen, increasing the screen brightnesss and tracing the image on the screen.

So now there’s no excuse for people who are put off drawing because they are not good drawers. Trace, I do.

You should draw your dreams because you will now have a visual record of all those bizzare images from your unconscious. This gives you the ability to see if the images and dream themes change over time, how they link with what’s going on in your life, what they might be trying to tell you about what is going on with your personal growth. I’ve really received a lot of value from this.

Getting back to the mindfulness angle, simply drawing and shading like you did as a kid will reduce stress and make your happier. No medication needed, just pencils. So give it a go.

Drawing your dreams puts you into a different state of mind, one whereby unconscious thoughts and ideas can enter your mind. Drawing seems to distract the conscious mind because it’s a movement not a thinking activityactivity. It’s also a risk-less task, I mean, so what if you can’t draw. It’s one avenue of our lives where it’s actually safe to make mistakes and suck at something. Having this activity actually, actually, act-choo-lee allows you to chill out, switch off and allow your genius, value, gift and worth to show itself.

Drawing your dreams, no matter how bad your are at drawing, will send a message to the unconscious that you want more, more dreams, more insights. This will build a kind of momentum and increase awareness of what is actually going on in your unconscious 

Patterns of images begin to be recogisable of how to interpret them too. It seems, by simply making our humble endeavours to remember and draw our dreams, we build an ability to recall and interpret them. Use it or lose it?

The images and patterns of my dreams have brought with them ideas, insights and courage to discover the value of who I am and share it with the world. I believe it will do the same for everyone should they give it a decent go.


Reading from Carl Jung (closing of workshop on dreams)

Gave a talk @ Rotary Club of Santa Clarita, California about the Journalistic Style of Entrepreneurship.

Testimonial from Frank McMann, Rotary Club of Santa Clarita, California. “It’s always great to have a good speaker to keep us engaged and wanting to ask questions at the end. Sam was fantastic.”


Below, a gift for speaking at The Rotary Club of Santa Clarita Sunrise, California this morning. Topic: my 3 year blog and podcast project which includes the art of asking, overcoming the fear to write and publish online, and the discovery of my purpose.


A great club! I am grateful to have been a guest speaker. It was the first time I opened with an icebreaker I modified from one I saw Les Brown do in a you tube video. I started with, “Before I start, we are going to do some Australian Accent Practice. Turn to the person on your left or right, shake hands and say… G’day mate.” It worked really well.

The talk was about this blog and podcast hobby of mine. Not my idea and I didn’t come up with it. I read about the idea of writing and publishing my works online in a blog from a book which talked about the idea of interviewing people each week for a year.

Check out Hack Your Education by Dale Stephensen of Uncollege.org and Megan Gebhart’s 52 Cups of Coffee dot com if you want to.

Key messages of my talk:

  1. Practice the Art of Asking.
  2. Write and publish your works online.
  3. Serving leads to meaning.

My talk notes.

Tried a modified version of 4MAT Learning Cycle. 4MAT is a way of structuring workshops and presentations to accommodate to the 4 main types of learning styles of which us humans share a little from each. So 4MAT takes this into consideration and when I am planning my presentation I have this nice one page overview that I can trust will engage the audience.

Earlier this week I was on the bus on the way to WIN Professionals Networking Group in Encino when I came up with a new way to do my elevator pitch at networking gigs. I say, “I normally have music with my introduction, but I haven’t brought my sound system, so I’m going to beatbox for about 10 seconds.” And start freestyling. I stop and say, “I’m Samuel Osborne, I’m an Australian Researcher, Educator and Speaker on Human Potential and Creativity. I’m also a Professional Beatboxer and Sound FX Artist. Do you want some more?” It seemed to engage them.

The icebreaker, “truth and lies” was fun.

Interview KPFK Public Radio, Los Angeles “Illustrating a Dream Journal.”

The importance of showing up.

An infinite source of motivation lies within you.

What did you do as a child that required no effort to do?

Perhaps a game you played for hours and hours.

Most mornings I woke up early, closed my door so as not to disturb my three sisters down the hall, and I would tip this huge white plastic box upside down and a myriad, yes a myriad of Lego pieces would spill over the floor like a saggy Egyptian Pyramid.

I could play Lego for hours and never get bored.

During the day, I would play in the sandpit in the backyard. Again, for hours and hour.

What was it for you?

Write that down.

Think about when you were around the age of 11.

What memory stands out as a moment of true awe about something you saw.

For me, it was when a musician came to my elementary school and showed my class a keyboard synthesiser.

It made voices, sound FXs and I even got to have a turn.

I distinctly recall making some pressings on a single key in front of the whole class.

The keyboard had been set to play quite a phat little square tooth sound actually.

The musician told me to press it in time with an in-built drum beat, also causing me to lose my shit too.

The way an 11 year old does.

Eyes popping, month dropping.

That was the day I fell in love with sythns, drum loop machines and making far out sounds.

It was a true moment of awe for me.

Remember one for yourself yet?

That feeling of awe has motivated me through my whole life.

It inspired me to give over seven years of beatboxing and vocal sound FXs workshops and performances to children in schools, family fairs and public new years eve shows.

It’s been a lot of fun.

Such a long time, and never tiring of the endeavour that causes me to feel awe.

Awe as in awesome.

So many people, especially teenagers and children say awesome.

Us adults are known to say it too.

The thing that brings you awe is a signal that you’re close to the source of your infinite motivational power.

Now say ‘infinite motivational power’ as if shouted out into a great canyon.

Now do the whispering version and make it seem to go on forever.

I’ve been reading, Pathways to Bliss by Joseph Campbell.

Simply brilliant.

I skipped to the chapter on Personal Myth and, while riding to the Chamber of Commerce in Beverly Hills in an uber yesterday, this book said it in a way that I had been looking for.

‘You might ask yourself this question: if I was confronted with a situation of total disaster, if everything I loved and thought I lived for were devastated, what would I live for?’ p.88

‘What would lead me to know that I could go on living and not crack up?’

He says, put aside Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Wants and think outside of that model.

Imagine some new part to the hierarchy, perhaps a simple circle around the triangle?

Here’s the first one I got when google imagin’ it?


Is it possible that you have a need and a want outside of food, air, water, shelter, friends, sex, recreation and transcendental meditation?

Something that is capable of motivating you to action at anytime, not just if you were faced with total disaster?

At 35 years of age, Carl Jung realised that his work had been primarily focused on people with psychosis, however he had never thought to apply his understanding of the unconscious mind for well-balanced adults too.

Imagine knowing what it was for you.

The thing that gave you awe.

What would and could you do differently?

It may be like the movie Limitless, with those motivational drugs the main character starting taking?

I have first-hand experience of it, the inner awe not the limitless bit, and I believe everyone can too, so how do you do it?

‘How do we find that thing that truly moves us?’ p.92

Carl Jung started seeking for his myth, the story and the symbol that motivated him from a deep level.

Apparently we all have some picture, a symbol and it’s story in our unconscious mind that drives us to do incredible things, whether we are aware of it or not, it’s in there pulling a lot of the strings.

If you want to tap into this awesome power, do as Carl Jung did and think about what you did as a child and adapt it to your adult life.

For example, Jung recalls liking to play with rocks, so he started building a house.

Then your dreams at night will start up again, so draw an image from your dream, and write a couple of things about it.

Dreams are a result of activating the imagination during the day.

The thing you did as a child, activated your imagination.

Remember those dreams you had as a child?

Vivid some of them.

As a side, around 12 years old, I had hallucinatory fever dreams.

Freaked the family out.

It freaked me out at the time too.

These dreams would begin in a half awake, half sleep feeling.

My body would feel light and heavy, big and small at the same time.

I recall feeling as if my body was pressed up against the walls of my room.

Then the pictures came.

To be continued…




Is the answer to your problem right in front of you, right now?

“There’s a spaceship on the street,” says some guy as I walk out of Trader Joe’s supermarket, just around the corner from Hollywood Boulevard last week. The guy was referring to the full size X-Wing on display in the middle of the street for the Rouge One world premier. Seeing the X-wing right in front of me was definitely one of the moments where I joyously thought to myself, I could die now, I’ve seen what I needed to see!


Moving to Los Angeles (3 weeks ago), I have begun to see what I’ve needed to see. I’ve also seen things I didn’t want to or didn’t expect to see. The most important thing (or in this case, person) I needed and wanted to see was my wonderful lady. The second most important thing I’ve needed to see was my truth, my wound and the wisdom within it. More specifically, I now see the belief I had made up in my own head. That speaking my truth would lead to ridicule. Is your wound simply a belief you created?

My very good friend, who shall be known affectionately as Dr. Dank or even Squadron Leader, called me up this morning and in conversation about this very topic, he hit it on the head. He said, it’s sounds like it was right there in front of you the whole time. He was right. I’ve had this calling to speak about the wisdom within the deep recesses of the human being all my life. I shied away from it because of a story, a movie, an audio track, some negative self-talk, a belief that I must have chosen at some point in childhood. A belief and a resulting fear and doubt about expressing my truth and joyous love for personal transformation.

How bizarre that I also made up in my head, that my Dad was the one who would ridicule me for such things. Yet, I have seen and heard the words come out of my dad’s mouth in the last few years, “I am proud of you son.” Firstly, thanks Dad, you’re my number 1 mentor, you taught me whether you know it or not, how to speak my truth, find happiness, live a meaningful life and how to enjoy a Weihenstephan Hefeweizen. Secondly,  this highlighted the fact that my wound was indeed a belief I had created. In which case, I am my greatest mentor. My wound taught me my lesson. I taught me my lesson. I believe everyone can do this for themselves.

The answer to your problem is right in front of you, right now. It’s always right in front of you. A the age of wisdom is, you just don’t want to admit it. Is it that some people don’t want to admit that they are not happy? Do we need step by step instruction manuals to let go of our hang-ups? We have plenty of motivational memes online too. Read them often if it makes you feel good.

We learn the lesson we are here to teach. I’ve learned the lesson I’m here to teach. It calls to you so loud, not even music in your headphones and staring at your device can smother it. I believe everyone can hear some strange call at some points in their life. Do yourself and favour and follow it.

Samuel Osborne is an international speaker, trainer and coach. He shows people how to heal the wound that hides the wisdom. He is based in Los Angeles, California.

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The side FX of trusting yourself.

What I am about to write is not new, just a fresh new way of looking at an old problem: that of trusting yourself, also known as believing in yourself, also known as getting off your butt and trying something new for the first time and not concerning yourself so much with how things will pan out, as long as you keep a healthy ‘trial and error’ state of mind.

Trusting yourself is important right now in 2016 (and beyond) for a bunch of reasons. We could talk about the bombardment of media messages that we face each day and how they are crafted to influence our decisions, our identity and meaning for life. We could talk about the overload of information at our finger tips and the all too common distraction of an online life. Yet, at the end of the day, trusting yourself is important because it makes you feel good, it makes good things happen for you, and people who come into contact with you are positively affected too.

So why do some people simply not trust themselves more? When I say more, I mean, enough. Trust themselves enough to attempt new things in their life, to break away from unhappy circumstances, habits and so forth? Huh, why?

The side FX of trusting yourself are an inner sense of strength, stability and validation of purpose. I’ll also add trusting that inner voice who speaks up when we tune in to our bodies and helps us to have helpful realisations. It’s the voice of your unconscious mind. More side FX include a personal faith to take those all too famous first steps towards a meaningful goal, using what you have where you are. This all contributes to a harmonious life, one with a healthy sense of order, one that actually heals you and spreads across to people who come into contact with you.

Yet, the truth is, most people are afraid and no amount of motivational blog articles or inspirational speakers can make the horse drink, or in many cases, it’s someone who is more like a donkey. Another truth is that many people are genuinely confused more than they are afraid. I was in that club, I think I was the president for a few years running. For most of my life, I’ve forced myself on stage to speak, perform and act, even though my mouth was dry, my heart racing and the nervous adrenaline pumped through my every vein. I wasn’t really afraid about the first few steps, I was simply and genuinely confused about a lot of things. I had too many choices, too many passions. Perhaps I had an ideal in mind so high that it caused a little bit of self-sabotage? Oh how crafty the mind can be.

I definitely over thought the whole thing and now I am simply keeping it simple and coming from the right space and intention: love, fun and joy. Please consider doing something similar.

Briefly, there are three main stories I can recall for you in order to get the point I’m making here. The first story is now called, “The Freaky Eye Story.” It’s about the time a tiny piece of metal went through my eyeball in a work injury and it got stuck at the back in the retina. A whole lot of pain, medication and specialist visits later, I learned the importance of listening and trusting that inner voice, who, ironically told me to trust myself, and as result, my eye got better.

Another story is the time I used a visualisation technique, which I call ‘the movie in the mind’ and Neville Goddard and Wayne Dyer talk a lot about it. I visualised myself looking out an applauding audience in a large auditorium. A few months later, I was Master of Ceremonies for a big show at my home town convention centre. This taught me the power of trusting my imagination.

The third story, was when I was a living statue performer and a woman wanted to have her photo taken with me. Because I was wearing a g-string, the woman squeezed my bum. I kept still and did not react, so as to keep up the game of being a statute. At the moment her friends were taking a photo, I took a little risk, I trusted myself and squeezed her breasts right as the flash went off. It went down a treat with everyone involved.

So, to recap: squeezing women’s breasts is the sure way to trusting yourself… no wait… trust yourself and squeeze a woman’s breasts… no still not right… have a work injury… um???

Just trust yourself a little more each day. Take another step. You will make mistakes, but you will also take flight sometimes. It’s worth mustering up the courage.

Samuel Osborne is an international speaker and beatboxing performer. He is passionate about the meaning of life, hidden talents and making people think and laugh. If you are looking for a guest speaker, Samuel would love to hear from you.